Engaging with digital services is to some degree a Faustian bargain. The person using the service has to give up some privacy and data in exchange for access to communication, shopping, or information. And as the data sets grow, we as a society trade accountability, transparency and control for the speed and reach of AI-powered decisions.

As the technology evolves faster than regulation, what can we do to make sure we avoid dystopian scenarios? …

The challenge set was to investigate the following question: “How might we create a service that delivers financial wellness”, for the persona below.

Challenge and Persona — a short description, using text and photographs, of our target user

Approaching the brief — initial thoughts and hypotheses

The user is/has:

  • early in their career
  • a consistent salary with some extra money to spend
  • careful with money
  • probably comfortable around technology

The user needs:

  • a meaningful way to save/invest

In the absence of a defined service or service provider, I chose to approach this investigation in an open-ended way, aiming to understand the users’ needs beyond their conscious banking practices and dig into their existential relationship with money and banking.

Flore Nove-Josserand

Digital designer, artist, educator, UX student, protean human.

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